Who can benefit from Satellite Mining?

If you but only suspect satellite data can enhance your data, it is more than likely it will.

Organizations that need geographic information for their services can benefit from satellite data. Few organizations are aware this data is widely available at low cost, or even for free. It needs only the right skils to assemble it to needs and make it valuable.

There is a wealth of data out there that has not yet been put to use. Making use of satellite data combined with existing data or tailored programs can offer new business or unique insights, putting companies ahead of the competition and improve policy decisions of public organizations.

Satellite mining can be used to predict events and detect changes, identifying risks and opportunities. It offers historical and continuous information at any scale or position on the globe, providing information on ground-conditions, climate, infrastructural or agricultural conditions, movement and other physical conditions.

DataCraft uses satellite data to improve geographic information and identifies how satellite data can boost your organization. We reveal opportunities within weeks, co-create the business case and organise the implementation.


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