Independent professional in the field of Earth observation and geo-information services as business developer, innovation manager and proposal manager. I help end-users of Earth observation data, geo-information providers and value adders, by providing the following services:

Services for end-users:
• Identification and implementation of Earth observation information to improve strategic or operational decision making.

• Integration of Earth observation information in the organization.

Services for geo-information providers and value adders:
• Acquisition of funding to develop a service.

• Creation of a business case and undertake required business development.

• Formation of an effective collaboration between organizations to develop or operate a service.

• Innovation manager in a project team.

Making use of Earth observation
The Earth can be observed from multiple platforms, including satellites and aircrafts. Phenomena are often observed using multiple sources, because every type of source has its specific advantages. Airplanes are flexible to use and provide high resolution images, while satellites are able to observe any part of the Earth over a long period of time, making them attractive to detect trends.

The instrument of the satellite or aerial vehicle determines what can be detected. Examples include radar instruments, which can ‘see’ during the night and through clouds, and satellites that carry sensors sensitive to (near-) infrared light, detecting vegetation.

Examples of Earth observation applications:

Farmer / food organisations: Crop fields and their output can be monitored, which provides valuable information for farmers.

Disaster relief: Detect disaster risks in a certain area and monitor damage to infrastructure after a disaster has occurred.

Banks / Insurers / Investors: Earth observation helps to monitor assets and identify the risks on investments, by examining trends in historical data and observing current situations.

One of the projects I am currently working on is: Aurora

My approach

Expect a creative process, action based learning and valuable results.

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My focus is on the informational needs of the customer. The information has to be reliable and timely available, while the source of the data is often less relevant. The best information is often derived by combining multiple data sources and visualizing them with a geographical information system.

Earth observation helps in many situations to satisfy needs, but other sources can be useful too. I therefore take into account all kinds of data to find the best solution for my customer.